Condo Upgrades

Move in date Dec 2015

December CPS Bill – $170


Lighting Upgrades:

Outside Stairs Light – 100W to 8W
Porch Motion Detection Fixture – 120W to 22W
Kitchen Overhead – 80W to 32W
Living Room Fan Triple Fixture – 180W to 24W
Bedroom Fan Triple Fixture – 180W to 24W
Bathroom Six Fixture – 360W to 48W
Closet Light – 60W to 18W
Shower Light – 60W to 10W
Fridge Light – 80W to 20W



Replaced Outside Stair Fixture
Replaced Porch Motion Detection Fixture

10/15/16 Fixed kitchen sink caulking
10/22/16 Upgraded Kitchen Flourescent to LED fixture – 80W to 32W
10/22/16 Upgraded Attic Insulation. Fixed leaks from ducting into attic.
10/24/16 Began removing bathroom caulking


January – $146.49
February – $88.73
March – $66.39
April – $52.31
May – $61.26
June – $75.35
July – $72.96
August – $57.94
September – 64.92







Gotta have a picture of my downtown apartment:

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