“Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter. Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough.” ― Richard Feynman

Recent Projects




Learned how to make sushi and sahimi!


Made some Biltong!


Sanding, Painting, and finishing a fender.

Garden Time!

Nice day at the ranch fishing and hunting.

Bacon-wrapped stuffed backstrap!

Our Project at Startup Weekend got Honorable Mention. HomeBody – The DIY Home Energy Audit

The city has such cool stuff. Randomized poetry!

Homeade Pasta and It’s a Wonderful Life!


Lobster Cook-Off!


7/17 Made a DIY air conditioner out of a cooler, pump, copper and a fan!


7/17 New LED lighting and fixtures.

7/17 The best cajun boil EVER!




7/17 Replaced and tuned the choke cable and assembly!


5/17 Also Crosses!


04/17 Began Welding pallet Breakers and selling them on Etsy!

04/17 Ancestry Update! One of my ancestors is “El Colorado” the last soldier to leave the Alamo alive, to deliver a letter to Goliad requesting assistance. On his return to San Antonio he ran and was elected for mayor multiple times, as well as a senator and over 11 other government positions.


04/17 Just teaching the next generation about solar energy and gardening!


04/17 Started researching family history on Ancestry.com

03/17 More Upgrades to the Nitro Car!!!!

New Starter

03/17 Working on the final touches tot he Hydrogen Fuel cell car with the SAC Motorsports TEAM!

03/17 Installed the NEST Learning Thermostat!


03/17 Made a hammock stand for the porch

02/17 Replaced mower carburetor

12/16 MAde a MUFELATTA (I think)

12/16 Replaced Alternator in the Chevy Tahoe. Easy as pie, saved me $600+

12/16 Started scanning in the 1,000s of pictures from my parents house.

12/16 Started Planting with the AEROGARDEN. C’mon Thai Basil!!!

12/16 Brake Check!

12/16 Upgraded LED Headlights

led headlights5

11/16 Moved Cabin and placed Stilts and new raised elevation base.


11/16 Upgraded laptop CPU and RAM!

11/16 Patent Print Shop open on Etsy!

11/16 Upgraded Video Surveillance on the Condo

11/16 New Cactus for the front porch!


10/16 QUILTED BACON and Mexican Quail Eggs (Avocados with an egg and cheese)

10/16 New Fence? Done!

10/16 Recaulked Bathroom

10/16 Added blow in insulation to attic, before the winter cold.

10/16 Convert Kitchen Light to LED
9/16 Installed 52 Inch LED Bar

9/16 Made Candied Bacon

9/16 Replaced Starter in 2003 Sentra


8/16 3D Pen Fun!